Radio Work

Hi there,

You’re probably here because you: A. Found this on my resume and want to hear some work samples  B. Know me and stumbled upon this or C. You’re my mom (Hi Ruth!)

I hope you’re here for reason A, (sorry mom) so I conveniently provided a handful of work samples below.

Before you delve in and try to decide what to click on, let me tell you some of my favorite pieces I’ve done:

Below, you’ll find a piece titled “The Movement” which is a personal favorite. It explores whether or not people really change, and is especially poignant in today’s political/social discourse. It includes: neo-nazis, evangelicals and, well, “movements”…

My personal favorite creative, fictional piece is “The Strange Case of Maribel Dixon,” an adapted piece of narrative poetry by Charles Jensen.

If none of those tickle your fancy, and you’re looking for something more newsy, have at it in the numerous links listed below and thanks for stopping by:

Work Samples from KRCC, Southern Colorado’s NPR Affiliate

Vox Pops from Colorado Springs Locals about their thoughts on the 2016 election.

A voicer about an upcoming Colorado State Ballot measure that would increase the minimum wage. (Lede/voicer starts around 0:20).

A voicer about trail closures in Colorado Springs as part of an effort to save Colorado’s State Fish, the Greenback Cutthroat Trout. (Lede/voicer starts around 0:45).

Recent Independent Work

Multimedia Postings on London Multimedia News

Pearl Mackie to Star in BBC’s ‘Doctor Who’

Fretful folk find freedom in furry feline friends

Big Ben to fall silent during renovations

Undergraduate Work

“The Road to Hell” was the 1st place winner in the Small School Audio Production category of the 2015 Broadcast Education Association’s National Festival of Media Arts


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